On behalf of our Planning Committee, we welcome you to the website of the Consortium on Asian American Mental Health Training.  The consortium was formed over 20 years ago in 1995 by a group of mental health professionals from the academic, private, and public sectors.  The group was formed with the purpose of creating a venue to educate clinicians and consumers about providing culturally appropriate care for our diverse Asian American communities.  We provide education through our annual conference held in October.

In our year-long process, the Planning Committee gathers to organize and coordinate the annual mental health training conference.  We start by identifying the current topics facing our Asian American communities, particularly the challenges faced by those we serve in our client populations.  Among the many concerns, we select one theme which is timely and reach out to local and national presenters who can further our knowledge with their research, experience, and expert insights.  With the intent for the attendees to learn from our presenters as well as from each other, we want to deliver a conference which is relevant and helpful in enhancing our competency.  We consider it our collective cause to continuously improve our compassionate treatment and care of our Asian American clients and to increase public awareness of the mental health issues and unique needs of the multifaceted community.

We hope that our conference serves as a forum to gather interested mental health professionals in this learning, and we additionally view our annual meeting as an event when we visit with colleagues and friends who are dedicated in their service to the Asian American community.


Silvia Yan, PhD

Chair, Consortium on Asian American Mental Health Training